First Blog Post

Hello friends and family!

I am so excited to be starting a blog because I have wanted to for soooo long! I want a space where I can be creative, share my favorite pictures, create memories, and showcase what my life is like as a young women and as a mother. I have so many ideas and I can’t wait to start writing more. I want to show the things I love while giving you a look into my everyday life.

Just to introduce myself to anyone who may not know me. My name is Ashley Lindquist. I am 21 years old and attend the University of Kansas. I am a sister, a daughter, a mother, a fiance, and a friend. Many of my posts will feature my son Ryker who is currently 6 months old and my fiance, Derek Hartig. However, I will definitely provide many experiences I have with friends and family. We always say that we could make a good reality TV show….not exactly sure how I can show case all the craziness through these blogs but I am going to give it my best effort!  I will be focusing my blog on 4 main topics. Mom Life, Fitness, Fashion, and Lifestyle (as a more general category for other things). As a beginner I hope to write a new blog every 2 weeks and eventually up to once a week and just take it from there.

The reason I have been so hesitant on creating a blog is because I was afraid of what others would think. As a very busy person I will not always have time to perfect each post, have the best grammar, take the prettiest pictures, or post every single day. However, isn’t that the point of these things?! To show how perfectly imperfect we all are! I want to always be real and honest so please feel free to ask questions and write words of encouragement (lord knows I need them) but remember let’s all lift each other up, the world already has plenty of critics. So If you are interested please subscribe to this blog so you can get an update on when I post and keep up to date with our household. I have provided one blog per category. I will always be real and provide the good and the ugly 😉 happy reading!





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