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As summer is coming to an end Derek and I felt like a celebration party was a must! So much had happened this past year and we hardly had taken the time to breathe! We have been so excited about our recent engagement, new house, and new-born son! We wanted to gather our closest friends and family and PARTAY!

When planning events I generally like to be in charge. I over think every single detail! I also always know exactly how I want something to look and the vibes I want people to feel. I decided to go to my trusty friend pinterest to look at ideas. I LOVE to gold theme, its fun and vibrant and screams summer time! As a busy person I did not have time to go to the store and purchase lots of decor nor did I want to pay a fortune. Then I remembered… AMAZON. I usually order speciality things on amazon until recently I started purchasing EVERYTHING. Beauty products, groceries, so why not party supplies?


Custom Cups
Maid Of Honor
Sis In Law

The party ended up being a blast! We purchased delicious trays from Dillions, and most of our friends and family brought food and dessert which really made the party so much better! My summer brew I made was gone in a flash and we demolished the cupcakes. I’d say it was a successful night.

The aftermath of throwing a party is obviously not as great as the party itself. Lucky our parents cleaned and baby sat our boy while we went out with friends. Basically the next day was minor detoxing and putting things back in their place. Below is the link to all of the fun party decor and it is so nicely priced! If you are planning a party in the future I highly recommend using my links. There are also a variety of colors!

Bride Squad

Basically I now CANNOT HARDLY WAIT for our wedding next May.



Click the image to purchase:



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