Mom Life

How I Handled Pregnancy

img_0280img_0298img_0314img_0301img_0286img_0291Considering I JUST became a mommy 6 months ago I’ll spill some details on how all of that went down…

These are the most precious pictures I will EVER own. Although I did not always feel the greatest and at times felt insecure nothing else in the entire world could matter because our due date was almost here and we were going to be getting a little blessing. I had a rather easy pregnancy (thank god). When we first found out we were pregnant we were shocked, excited, scared, and confused. Derek and I becoming parents?! It seemed SO unreal but we decided to dive into this new adventure with positive attitudes. The first few months were stressful. Being new to this I didn’t realize all the doctor appointments, morning sickness, and anxiety pregnancy would bring. We moved back to Kansas from Fort Worth so we could have the help of family when the baby came.

One of my top priorities as I became pregnant was that I would not let having a baby define my goals and dreams. I would stay strong and continue pursuing my goals but now not just for myself but for my child. I would not let the stigma society can create set me back. So I enrolled at KU and decided to attend in the Fall with my growing belly and also in the Spring when my due date was February 25th (in the middle of the semester). To my surprise, being pregnant while attending college was great. I have always enjoyed school and hanging out with other people who have the same dreams as me. My new major was Elementary Education as it seemed fitting for the mom life 🙂 All my classmates were so inviting and understanding about my current distractions that may take me away from school.

I finished the Fall semester with a 4.0 GPA…which really shouldn’t be much of a surprise. While I was pregnant my life consisted of only a few major things.

  1. Going to school- obviously
  2. Laying on the couch- My parents stressed to me to relax these last few months before a baby because things will not be like that much longer. So of course while I laid on the couch I did my homework for school!
  3. Working Out- I mostly walked and did the stair stepper so while I did that I could study for tests.

Other than those 3 key things I had a lot of free time! Derek and I did A LOT of date days/nights because we wanted to bond and really discuss and understand how our lives would soon be changing. After a much needed Christmas break (which I may make a blog post about later) the Spring semester had arrived! I was anxious for my classmates to see me after the month because if they were not sure whether I was pregnant or just fat before they would now definitely know I had a little baby in my belly.

With my due date just a month away I decided to check pinterest for all the things I needed to do before a baby. To say I was FREAKING OUT was an understatement. I had so much anxiety about the health of Ryker and how the birthing experience was going to go. At one point I said I wanted an all natural birth….But then I got on YouTube and quickly changed my mind. Through giving birth I learned that this momma does NOT have a high pain tolerance.

I began to look at old wives tales to bring on labor, I was ready to get this baby outta me!! I loved being pregnant and it worked so well for my body but I was SO excited to have him in my arms and stop stressing about his health every single day. I was ready to feel myself again. I had always been so concerned about my weight and what I ate and working out. All of a sudden I wanted to do all the things pregnancy restricted me from. Hard workouts, raw cookie dough ;), a glass of wine, SLEEPING ON MY BELLY. ugh.

I delivered Ryker Monday morning February 20th at 12:24 pm. I guess my old wives tales of inducing labor may have worked! LOL probably not but I like to think I know a few secrets. 🙂

Stay tuned to find out all the details about my birth experience!




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