Labor Day Weekend + Outfit Details

We had a great labor day weekend! On friday I had a surprise set up for Derek, his 24th Birthday is next weekend but I had to do it this weekend because it is only available for 2 weeks out of the entire year!! We had dinner at Mad Greek and then it was off to a secret destination…we put a diaper over Derek’s face so he wouldn’t see where I was taking him LOL eventually the diaper fumes started making Derek’s eyes hurt so we switched it to a onsie… anyways, we went to Grinters Sunflower Farm. It was SO beautiful and I could not have picked a better time to go even though it was kind of sudden. I HIGHLY recommend taking a trip there in the next week if that is possible. The flowers had just bloomed and we got there at sunset. I expected the field to be packed but there was only a couple other families there so it was nice to have a romantic time. We were only there for about 30 minutes because there isn’t much to do but I just feel like Derek and I needed it….taken away from reality for a second and enjoying the Kansas beauty. Ryk was asleep when we got there so Derek and I just hung out and talked. Then when Ryker woke up we showed him the sunflowers and he was in love!!



On Saturday we had big plans which were last-minute and planned the day before! HAHA if you didn’t know we are very last minute planners! Which is actually a big problem sometimes because Derek and I are also working on our “decision-making” which I am sure most of you can relate….

So on Saturday we went downtown and got lunch at our 3rd favorite Mexican restaurant (we like them all for different reasons). Then we just shopped around! I am a practical shopper which means I only like to go into stores and look at things I may actually buy; on-the-other-hand, Derek is a window shopper.. He likes to go into every store and look at every thing while making a strategical loop around till we get to the end. I must say that we have the best time doing this especially in antique stores. However it sure can take up a day because I looked at the clock and it was 3 pm!

That evening we went to our first KU Football game with grandma and grandpa lindquist and we all loved it! I was worried the stadium environment would be to loud for Ryk just like it was at a past Royals Game but since he is older he loved all the noise and movement and didn’t seem uncomfortable at all!



Sunday we decided to keep things chill and went to Legends for lots of shopping! I got some super cute outfits for the fall, Ryk got some shirts from Carters, and I got Derek an outfit and some shoes for his birthday next week (spoiler alert Derek). We also made our weekly target trip for diapers and formula and we are beginning to baby proof our house!!! Ryker has officially learned to army crawl and is so close to regular crawling so it is definitely time to lock up our cabinets and cover our plug ins. Sunday night we also decided to decorate the house for Fall. 🙂 We have an entire tub dedicated for Halloween and thanksgiving and also got more items from kohls! I am slowly becoming a holiday decorator and loving it! I definitely get it from my Nana. I’ll be doing a post about fall decor!



On actual labor day we decided to stick around town and relax because we had such a busy weekend and really needed the down time. We got brunch at the Roost and then came home to clean and finish up some house work. We also went to happy hour with our friend which made for a good afternoon. 🙂



I am treating Monday night like a Sunday and planning meals/getting the house ready for another week.  Overall we had a great 3 day weekend and enjoyed the time together as a family. Im beginning to feel overwhelmed with how fast time is going and how big Ryker is getting… Every day seems so precious even when he has his off days. As school is picking up I am still learning to juggle every thing such as being a mother, doing school work, spending time with family, and continuing a social life. I do know that I will NEVER regret one moment I spend with Ryker so when in doubt.. no matter how many loads of laundry I get behind I will always choose to spend time with family and friends over the 100 other tasks I need to get done.




A couple of links to the dresses I wore because I love maxis!!

Similar Floral Romper from the Grinters: HERE and HERE

SUPER CHEAP Amazon items that are quality:

My Brown Hat HERE

White Maxi Dress HERE (lots of other colors as well)

Other Cute Dresses:





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