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The Perfect Baby Shower: and New Born Essentials 

Our Lil’ Pumpkin and Top Items We Needed 

With cooler weather coming soon (hopefully) and the holidays coming up I can’t help but reminisce on my baby shower almost one year ago. I still find it hard to believe Derek and I are parents! Last year at the baby shower we had no idea the exciting, difficult, fun, and emotional journey ahead of us. Around this time we were sending our invites for the baby shower and STILL wondering what our lil pumpkin would be. After the gender reveal my sis in laws threw for me I couldn’t wait to celebrate yet again for the baby!


I was so overwhelmed with love before, during, and after the our baby shower I couldn’t believe that in a few shorts months we would be getting the greatest gift ever.


The baby shower was the first big event I had ever had for myself especially since Derek and I are not married yet so I had a lot of ideas and things I wanted to do for it. My mom, Jordan and I had a Pinterest board and decided on a Fall theme shower that would tie in with October/November’s pumpkin theme. After we found out I was having a boy we just added light blue accents throughout the decor and party favors.

My favorite meal ever is BRUNCH so of course for the baby shower I wanted to have breakfast and mimosas (my friends enjoyed the mimosas for me). On top of brunch I also have a huge sweet tooth and was all about the dessert table! We had the most perfect cake and cookies made from Dillions in Lawrence and the cutest Sugar & Shake Cupcakes made by Abby Brown.


Hot Cocoa & Pumpkin Spice Cupcakes

There are TONS more pictures I could have shared but for the sake of blog post length I just shared a few!

One of the funniest moments at the Shower was making this once popular Mannequin Challenge:

We were showered with so many useful gifts and while we appreciated every single item I tried to pick out my Top 5 Must Have items for life with a new born. If you plan on having a baby soon or going to a baby shower you may skip this part as it would be useless information! OR read it for fun 🙂


Top 5 Essential New Born Items

  1. Baby Bottles– DUH unless you plan on exclusively breast feeding but I believe having a few bottles on hand is a great idea. I was in the middle of Spring semester at KU and new that whether I used breastmilk or formula I was going to need help feeding the baby and we needed bottles to do that! I did a lot of research on different brands and while there are a lot of good ones out there we think Tommee Tippee bottles are the best. It is only three parts technically (bottle, nipple, and ring for nipple) opposed to others with multiple pieces. They make small 5 oz bottles which is great for the new born stage and you can purchase bigger ones as the baby’s appetite grows.
  2. Gas Drops– I was so confused when we received this gift because I always thought to not use medications and drops on a baby unless necessary and let me tell ya, these were definitely necessary. Especially using bottles we were always conscious about drinking air and then having gas bubbles which lead to colic. We were probably over protective…but then again is there really such thing when it comes to a little baby? Ryker hardly ever had gas issues and he slept like an angel but there was definiely times when he had tummy aches and gas and I swear these drops helped ease that pain.
  3. Sound Box/Projector– To this day our sound player comes with us EVERYWHERE if we stay over the night. We are pretty strict about having a night time routine when we are at home and as much as possible at families houses so we always play rykers “night night time” music.  It also has white noise which is great for drowning out noises throughout the houses like doors, living room TV, or darks barking…. The box we also has a projector that can show fish, the stars, and zoo animals which he used to love to look at. Now we always read a couple books before bed.
  4. Boppy– This is a frequently used item that we are still using today. It has multiple ways it can be used and we usually take this with us too! It works great for the parents as well 🙂 I used it for nursing, elevated tummy time, before Ryker could sit up he laid down on it a lot, and now it supports him sitting up and as he drinks his milk.
  5. Boudreaux Butt Paste– My doctor recommended this stuff when Ryk was first born and I would 100% recommended this to every new mom and dad. I was totally excited to use baby powder because I love the way it smells but it actually can be harmful as babies may ingest the powder. We put the cream on multiple times a day when Ryker was a newborn and now we use it every night after his bath. We also have had little to no issues with diaper rash.




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