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Weekend Wrap Up & Hair Vibes

Our Weekend & Hairstyles

Current obsession: BRAIDS. I have never had so much interest in my hair styles until recently when I started experimenting and loving the way it looked. This weekend I did some super simple hair styles and I will be sharing one that was my favorite!

Half up half down twist braid

We went to a homecoming parade and football game Friday night and I definitely prefer to wear my hair down but I need it out of my face especially when we are outside and it is windy. Plus having a baby who loves to grab and pull hair makes it difficult to have my bangs down. My hair use to part really far on the left side buuuuuut post partum hair loss has hit hard so I have been moving my part over towards the middle so I don’t look so bald LOL I love the look of braids but I don’t like them super tight and glued to the head so instead do a twist braid!

Step 1: Grab a medium section of bangs on either side and begin begin a twist braid- this involves only two strands of hair and twisting them and picking up pieces on the bottom as you twist.

Step 2: Once you hit your ear stop grabbing other pieces and just finish the braid, do the same to the other side!

Step 3: Pull both pieces to the back and TIE it together, like you are tying your shoe then secure it with bobby pins

side note: extensions have helped me not feel so bad about losing my hair! it gives me the volume and length that I want!

Saturday was a SUPER busy day! I went to KC to try on bridesmaid dresses for my best friends wedding!! WOOO! I definitely wanted all my hair out of the way for this but I still wanted it to look “done” so that I could get an idea of what I would look like on her big day (although it doesn’t matter much what I look like). I went with loose loose braid on one side that goes into a a pony tail! This is so simple to do so steps are not necessary! Here is pics from dress shopping and a football tailgate later in the day.

I recently purchased small elastic bands that are the best for braids and pony tails because they keep the your hair in place because of the sticky-ness and also take away the chunky pony tail look! It can be brutal taking them out though..

The Bride


Tailgating was super fun too and it was nice to get some time to feel like a 21 year old again! We played a lil corn hole, drank a lot of beer and seen our friends! My older brother also realized how weird it is now that I am 21 and we can have a drink together legally LOL we tried to continue the party into the evening but everyone got pretty burned out and sonic corn dogs sounded better than going to the bars…

Processed with VSCO with f2 preset


Saturday evening I took pictures for my little brothers homecoming and him and his date looked Ah-mazing!


Some of my favorite pictures we took are these silly ones though!



Overall we had a good yet busy weekend and finding new ways to style my hair that are easy and effortless has been key to living the mom life! If you made it this far into the post… I am contemplating changing my hair color!!! BUT I am super indecisive. So keep it all brown OR get more balayage highlights?! COMMENT BELOW!!




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