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Number 1 thing I’ve learned since becoming a mommy

Life Lessons I Have Learned

Don’t take things to seriously. Not your self, your problems, your work, or your diet. I sometimes catch myself feeling like such a worrier!! I use to stress out about the little things and ever since I had Ryker I actually thought it would get worse! BUT I have learned that almost nothing that I use to think matters really does.

I use to get stressed out over the silliest things like going out, seeing this boy and that friend, whether or not I was going above and beyond in school. Gossip and drama use to consume a lot of my life and now… I could care less what’s happening on a Friday night because all I want to do is snuggle up with my family and watch minions or plan our first Disney trip! (Definitely want to be a Disney family)

I just can’t believe how much a person can change and how priorities shift. No matter the situation my baby is the only thing on my mind, he’s my only worry. Which at time can be difficult…I often fret over being such a young mom that my friends can’t relate and it may leave with either feeling mom guilt or having fomo (fear of missing out) either way I’ve accepted that I’ll always feel one way or the other. I’ve found this quote that makes me feel so much better, “you’ll never regret spending time with your kids.” How true is that mamas?!

Don’t get me wrong, I’ve been so blessed to have family to watch Ryker on major events and derek and I being able to still be “kids.” After all I did just turn 21 😉 but I feel like as Ryker is getting older and more aware I want to experience every moment with him!

I can’t even begin to describe the joy I feel to hold ryks hands as he walks around outside exploring the leaves or seeing him cuddle with his daddy late at night. It brings tears to my eyes just to write these words.

Ahh what was I even writing about?! Don’t sweat the little things!! The sooner you learn this lesson the easier life will become. Taking it one day at a time and being present is the most important thing you can start doing right now. Another quote I recently read that hit home is, “if it won’t matter in 5 years than don’t spend more than 5 minutes worrying about.” Easier said than done but so true.

Take a minute, right now, and think about all the positive things in your life! Fill your mind and heart with those instead of the negativity and hate. Find what makes you happy and let it consume you!

THIS right here….

…are the moments I will cherish forever and wasting time and energy on things that do not matter will not consume me.

pumpkin patch

smiling baby

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dad and son at the pumpkin patch
Daddy and his boy




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