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Trick or Treat

Our Halloween

I have dreamed about dressing my kids up for halloween and doing family themed costumes! Well, that time has come!! After changing our costumes a billion times here is what we decided on!

Little Red Riding Hood, The Big Bad Wolf, and Lumber Jack (yes, there is a lumberjack in the story)

I want to make every single holiday special since they are all of Ryker’s firsts and this is what life is about! Spending time with family and enjoying the little things! We went back home to see family because ryk isn’t old enough to trick or treat and it was so cold! It even snowed!! Which is another first for Ryker!

I took full advantage of Ryker not being able to choose his own costume this first year so I definitely wanted to coordinate! I know eventually Ryker will want to choose costumes like paw patrol or a power ranger which is totally fine! It’ll be great when he can decide for himself but it’ll make finding Derek and I a costume more difficult!

Here are some pics with our families that we got from the evening! We went to the Flint Hills Mall and got candy from all the different stores. We entered a costume contest as well! We did not win this year but next year we intended on getting that first place halloween prize!




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