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How to Stay Fit Over the Holidays

It’s that time of the year where jeans (yoga pants), sweaters, hats, and scarves are out of storage! The tendency to over eat and gain a couple pounds over the winter is a serious struggle for most but this year I am going to avoid that winter bod and share some ways to keep fit over the holidays. Generally I wouldn’t mind gaining a few over the holidays 😉 we attend multiple thanksgiving and when we spend so much time with family we are usually enjoying a meal together! Plus this holiday brings so much goodness with halloween candy, all the thanksgiving carbs, and for me Christmas cookies! Plus wine….a lot of wine….

One of the main reasons I want to avoid the holiday weight gain is because my wedding dress comes in DECEMBER 22ND… could that be a worse time?! right after I would normally have my halloween and thanksgiving fat storages full and preparing for my Christmas cookie decorating! UGH. I have decided to prepare for the holiday madness by planning ahead and setting myself and my body up for success.

There are only 2 things I am going to really pay attention to this fall/winter and it is something that should be done year round anyways. I honestly never like to say I am “dieting,” I prefer to think of it as a lifestyle. Why would I want to restrict myself and harm my body for a couple months when I could just keep ‘healthy’ year round. There is a about 6 weeks until my wedding dress comes in and while I will still have 5 months to get in “wedding shape” I want to be sure that I am happy with the way I look and I would much rather relax in the months leading up to our wedding instead of trying to “diet” super hard to lose the holiday gains.

  1. Working out
  • Exercise Plan
    • I have decided to start a 6 week exercise plan (posted below) although I will be VERY loose on the workouts. I think getting at least 20-30 minutes of movement a day is so beneficial for your muscles and your mental health. I have already completed week 1. I get anxious if I don’t move in some way. Even if a workout is the only thing I complete in one day it makes me feel accomplished.
  • img_2557
    • This is an app I have on my phone I use for my at home workouts. You set your time limit and you can work specific parts of the body or do cardio and yoga if you prefer that. The best thing about this app is that ITS FREE! I think having a good workout “buddy” like an app/video or class to go to is great for holding you accountable.

2. Eat to Fuel your Body

  • Healthy Decisions
    • I always make healthy decisions when going out to eat and I make decently healthy dinners here at home. My down fall is desserts and over doing portion sizes….this is probably most everyones issue as well. I have Fitness Pal which helps me count my calories. I used to be super strict on this app but found my self over-obsessing over it. So now I just use it during the week or on certain days where I know snacking or over eating is possible. Over the holiday season I’ll pay extra attention to my fitness pal.
  • Protein
    • I am totally not a fruits and veggie type of gal. I’ll buy a container of fruit at the store and it’ll have mold on it by the end of the week. I focus most of my meals on protein such as chicken and whole grans and I like any veggies that are garlic roasted. I have been getting pretty creative! I eat a lot of yogurts and proteins bars in the mornings and try to get salads or easy snack packs for lunch!
    • I am not exactly sure if drinking coffee is good or bad for you but I am pretty sure I read somewhere that it speeds up your metabolism LOL I like to have multiple cups throughout the day! It also keeps me full so I don’t snack as much.
  • Sugar freeeeeee
    • First off Derek has the most amazing taste buds in the world. He is such a critic when it comes to food! Me, on-the-other-hand couldn’t tell much difference between sugar free this and regular sugar that. I like to buy a lot of our foods sugar free! Coffee creamer, ice cream, candy etc. if it comes sugar free/fat free I am down. I prefer to focus on calories in foods and I definitely check labels because sometimes fat free means more sugar.

I am definitely NOT a fitness/health know all so you may disagree with what I have said but this is just what works for me! I am definitely open to suggestions and would love to hear other tips for keeping healthy!







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