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Gingerbread House War

Derek and I got WILD this past Friday night…. hahahahaha let’s face it instead of binge watching a series on Netflix after Ryker went to bed we decided to have a Gingerbread House contest. But instead of buying the traditional gingerbread house kits, we got creative and made our own! We used sugar cookie dough and homemade buttercream frosting with an assortment of sprinkles.


Making sugar cookies is a tradition we have but making gingerbread houses out of sugar cookies is definitely a new one! We made our own walls, roofs, and decor and let’s just say our final product DID NOT turn out how we envisioned….


Below is a short story to go along with our houses:

Ashley: Every year Mrs. Clause decides to surprise Santa by bring home a brand new Christmas tree from the Christmas tree farm. She takes her pink polka dot RV because it is a long journey to find the PERFECT tree for Santa. Once she picks out the Christmas Tree she ties it to the top of the RV and heads back to the North Pole


Derek: This beautiful house was made with love but was rushed to be built. As you can see on the ground, a large dangerous red snowy blizzard came through.  The Gingerbread man and his family had just enough time to make a cute little snow man with a top hat before the red snow started to fall. The kids sit by a cozy warm fire with hot cocoa waiting on Santa to arrive in their new home.





Ashley….and Derek Too


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