The Night Before

SANTA IS COMING! First off, Merry Christmas Eve. I have been waiting for this Holiday all year as it is my favorite. Now that Derek and I have our own little family we have started traditions that we want to continue and make special. We have been doing Elf on a Shelf for the last 24 days and we went all out! Most of you probably saw our videos on Instagram so go follow me at @ashleylindquist or click the link to the right.

Today we will be going to The Grove in Beverly Hills. There will be Christmas decorations, music, and Christmas spirit in full force.

We are getting dinner early and returning home to have our Christmas sweater party and an ornament exchange. We always get specialty ornaments every Christmas but this year we are opening them the night before as well as our new Christmas sweaters. Ryker is still pretty young this year and we are not sure if he will understand what it means when we tell him tomorrow is Christmas. It’ll still be so fun for him to see all the lights and presents and sip hot cocoa while we cuddle. I think sharing the holidays with loved ones is the best way to do it.

We went overboard with the Christmas sweaters and my mom and dad picked out one or two for everyone for Christmas Eve. If you’re interested most of these are on sale!! Get them for next year!!








I hope you all have a wonderful Christmas and enjoy the time with your loved ones.




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