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DISNEY LAND – Why it’s the happiest place on earth

WE WENT TO THE HAPPIEST PLACE ON EARTH! Disney land was nothing less than what I expected. The decoration, characters, food, and rides were amazing and it truly was a memory I will never forget.

Disney Castle

We went for two days and did two different parks- Disney Land and California Adventure. I felt like I was placed in a time machine back to my childhood BUT it was new and improved. I think I like Disney now more than when I was a kid! They had so many more attractions than I thought- Star Wars, Cars, and Guardians of the Galaxy (which was my favorite ride in California Adventure ) Its A Small World was my favorite ride in Disney land and it was Rykers first ride EVER. It’s a slow ride through a castle showing children from around the globe but for christmas it was themed for the holidays and was even better!

This is a picture of It’s a Small World at night..

its a small world.jpg

As we waited in line we happen to be in the best location to watch a parade. Disney does an amazing job at planning activities and parades all throughout the day. You could never ever get bored there. Seeing Ryks face light up as we saw all of characters on giant floats was among one of my best parenting moments. A picture says a thousand words so I will let them do the talking….

But first, if you are traveling to Disney there are a few things you’ve gotta know!

  1. Get and USE the Disneyland App… It makes or breaks your time at Disney. Instead of the paper maps you can see where you are at on your phone and zoom in and out at every park you are at. You see the wait times for rides and can even buy your fast pass tickets. It gives you a time to arrive at the ride and you get on almost instantly. You can scan and put yours or your entire families park tickets on the app and basically just use your phone for everything- just don’t forget your phone charger 😉
  2. Ask Questions– this is a lesson we’ve all learned in school but especially when out and about in a new place you need to ask questions. The Disney staff are the nicest most genuine people and are eager to help you have the best time possible. For example, our first night there was a HUGE firework show behind the castle. To say it was crowded is an understatement… you couldn’t take two steps forward. They had designated side walks if you did not want to watch and were just passing through but we really wanted to watch the show. Derek just so happened ask the right man where we could go to watch the show and he said there was no more spots available, after a few seconds of silence he said “ya know what, follow me” and then he led us to the VIP section. We got to watch the rest of the show and finale directly in front of the castle in a spacious area.
  3. Stay at the resort.. We are so fortunate that my brother lives here in Cali at the moment so its nice to come visit him and take advantage of making it a vacation. We considered driving back and forth from his house but decided to stay at a hotel down the street from Disney. While the hotel was nice taking either a shuttle or driving and paying for parking is such a hassle on top of taking a tram and going through security at the park. When we were little we stayed the the resort at the park or in downtown Disney and it was so convenient to walk out and basically be at the park already! It also is better if you are traveling with children and they need to take a break or rest for a while.

Speaking of traveling with Children, I had major anxiety over taking our 10 month old! My main concern was he would not get to sleep at all the first day and have a terrible evening and then that would effect the second day as well. Boy did I underestimate him! He was such a good baby, so intrigued by everything going on and when he got too tired we gave him a bottle and he fell asleep in the stroller. After that we put his noise muffling headphones on with oceans sounds and BOOM he was out like a light! His naps were shorter but he got the rest he needed and powered through the days like a champ! We rode just about every ride without a height requirement and he loved it so so much. I can’t wait to take him back… I hope to go once a year from now on. My parents took us every year when we were younger so I hope to carry on the tradition with my family too.


94d39ef9-87a8-4c54-93f7-a754c0f4dde3fbc752c6-e9ea-4395-8a77-07141507cb01img_1967img_1966_facetune_30-12-2017-10-32-37img_1965img_1964img_1891img_1900eb754957-1033-4f46-b567-fc9370aff7b0d6d062c0-2e9e-4f04-bc2d-1e8749980e12437add89-16c1-44fa-ac3c-c4061f74656eimg_5045img_4659Of course not every moment was a happy one..

img_4953I think these are always fun pictures to get… even if it is against the rules to take them on your phone..

img_4956img_4876-1Thanks for reading!




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