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7 Steps To An Organized Lifestyle

I love planners, lists, dates, highlighters, and anything that can help keep my crazy life organized. Whether you are about to start another semester of college, high school, a new job, a new fitness routine, or just want to get your life organized. KEEP READING!

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Step 1: You NEED a planner. It is so important to write things down. At the beginning of every year I purchase a new planner. It is a guilty pleasure of mine to write down each upcoming event no matter how small on my monthly and weekly pages. I can be quite particular about my planners. If you need a planner for the year I HIGHLY suggest purchasing this one by Bloom. It’s affordable, adorable, and exactly what you need.

Step 2: Make a daily checklist. You don’t use anything fancy for this. You can even use your notes page on your Iphone. I prefer to have it written down on a piece of paper I can either carry with me or keep right on my counter. You can get a nice notepad for cheap right here!

Step 3: Throw things away. I am leaving my hoarding tendencies in 2017 where they belong. I am notorious for keeping something just in case I use it someday. One of my New Years Resolutions is to declutter. So throw away everything that you is old- mail, makeup, tupperware without lids, empty bottles, broken items, socks without matches, and anything you find with no benefit to your life.

Step 4: Find a work space. I am a work from home type of gal but occasionally I like to go to a coffee shop or work space on campus to get focused. No matter the type of person you are. Find your place and own it. If you are working at home be sure there are no distractions. If you like to go out and about bring your head phones or your extra large coffee/tea mug and get sh*t done. Here is a link to my favorite Kate Spade coffee mug and matching lunch bag.


Step 5: Keep certain spaces cleared off. Do not let clutter discourage you. By this I mean, if your vanity area or kitchen sink are a mess I sometimes feel like I am a mess. Try to keep the places you hang out most cleaned. TRUST ME when I say you need this makeup organizer. You can use it for more than just makeup and you can even store it under your sink or closet and bring it out when using it. This will make your life so much easier!! Get it HERE.


Step 6: Plan your meals. You will save so much time if you shop for the week ahead and even cook for the week ahead. Keep your grocery shopping easy by trying to stay on the outside of the isles (where they healthiest food is). We eat at home a lot and I make sure most of the meals I cook take no more than 45 minutes or less! Im working on a post where I share some of our favorite meals! You can purchase some durable glass tupperware here! I have using it for a week and love that glass tupperware doesn’t stain like plastic and it is a healthier choice!


Step 7: Get your nails done. I am serious about this! There is something about having your nails done that gives you that “I got this” attitude.




15 thoughts on “7 Steps To An Organized Lifestyle

  1. These are great! I have most of these down, here’s to hoping I can keep up all year long. I reaally want to get into meal planning for when residency starts and get a work space!


  2. Great ideas here! I am totaly with you on the whole getting your nails done thing. It always makes me feel professional, put together, and ready to take on the world!


  3. Every year I try to be more organized and I start very well using planners, to do lists, etc. I hope I can keep myself and everything around me in place! Wonderful and useful reading!


  4. I LOVE that you included getting your nails done on this list! People always laugh when I say that new nails make me feel like I have my life together, but it’s 100% true. This is one of the best posts I’ve seen on getting organized, thanks for all of the tips!


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