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Ahh Valentines Day… use to be one of my favorite holidays. So much romance, flowers, and chocolate. Just another excuse to go on a date and blow all your money on gifts, sorry men. Who am I kidding?! This is NOT who I am… at least not anymore. Since becoming a mother my expectations and opinions have changed so much. What I thought was important before no longer lingers in my mind.

I joke all the time that Derek has given up on his romantic side… he used to be such a lady killer…. but as new parents our focus is leaning towards someone else. We were actually contemplating not even going out for Valentines Day.. and no promises we won’t change our minds 😉 but we know how important it is to get that alone time and to be able to focus on each other.

Can you tell how romantic he is from this photo?

I want to share date ideas for the couples who have “been there, done that.” The couples who have have been together for a long time and are over making v-day a holiday all about gifts. Maybe even the parents who don’t really care to go out for valentines day but still want to make some effort. We have done some pretty amazing things in for our past Valentines Dates like Medieval Times Dinner (by far my favorite date) but this year we are at a different place in our lives. Considering Valentines Day falls on a Wednesday night and we’ve got a baby’s bed time to get home to our date nights have changed a bit these days. I totally believe keeping the fire alive in relationships, Derek and I aren’t even married yet!!! This in no way signals we are giving up on the romantic side of our relationship, we are simply adjusting to our life for this current time period.

We want to invest in experiences and quality time together. This year we have decided to have a relaxing romantic dinner at The Jayhawk club where they are having live music and special menu items for the evening.

We had a couple other ideas in mind so if you haven’t made plans for vday yet but you and your love want a lowkey evening here are 5 ideas for the easygoing couple:

S’mores in the backyard: Who doesn’t love the chocolate side of v-day?! You can get creative and tryout different types of s’mores. One time I put a reeses pb cup in my s’more and it was a game changer. Add a glass of wine and this is the perfect date.


Chick Flick Movie Night: Code for netflix and chill… tryin to keep it PG. Seriously though, a romantic movie is the perfect way to spend a low key valentines day. Even if you are single this is a great idea! Pop some popcorn and a bottle of wine and you’ve got a relaxing evening!


Fast Food Romance: Let’s be real, this is one of the greatest dates for couples who want an effortless date. You’ve probably been on your new years health kick for the last month so take your cheat meal and get the Taco Bell cheesy five layer. Spruce it up and make it a picnic! Grab some blankets and go to the closest park! 


Paint and Sip: I have not done this personally but I heard it is SO much fun! Google “paint and wine” and see if there is a Pinot’s Pallet or similar studio near you. You get to byob and make memories that will last forever. 


A second “first date: Go back to the place where you had your first date! Maybe at a restaurant or the movies. Is it weird that sometimes Derek and I pretend we just met each other…? You know you’ve done it with your significant other.. and if you haven’t you should try it sometime. 


I hope you all have a wonderful Valentines Day!

Anyone interested in some outfit inspiration for Valentines Day? I know some online boutiques where you can get gorgeous clothes for an amazing price! Plus with spring around the corner I am about to purge my closet and get some new trendy outfits!


Ashley & Derek



  1. I love this. We only decorate for Valentines day for our kids. Other than that we don’t usually celebrate as a couple. I love the idea of a fast food date. I think I might suggest that one to the hubby for our next date night.


  2. Love these ideas!! We don’t have a Paint & Sip near us, but I absolutely love the idea of painting so I think I’ll surprise my husband and go grab some art supplies and host our own paint night at home!


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