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The Month of LOVE, Who and What Do you Love?

Ahhhh my favorite month of the year! Not only is my 22nd birthday this month but it is Ryker’s FIRST Birthday! Of course, valentines day is also this month. I am doing so much reflection about how much has changed this year.

This past year has been the most difficult and happiest year of my entire life. I will NEVER forget my 21st birthday (being 9 months pregnant and going in to labor) and the entire year afterwards…I wanted to write this blog to help you reflect about what you LOVE in life.

If you are not doing things and living a life that makes you happy, you may want to reevaluate. Sometimes I will feel overwhelmed, stressed, and anxious and then I take a second to sit back and think about why I feel these ways and I realize how much of it does. not. matter. Don’t get this wrong, there are real problems that induce these feelings and they are not to be ignored BUT most of the time we are feeling worried for no reason!

It is the beginning of the year and now is the perfect time to reflect on your past year and think about what truly makes you happy..imagine all the times you have genuinely smiled and felt joy. What were you doing? Who were you with? Where were you at?

Do you love a certain type of food? eat it.

Do you love someone? see them often and love them fearlessly.

Do you enjoy a certain activity? get better at it and do it! 

Do you love to travel? book a plane ticket. 

Do you want to become a doctor or start a blog? get to work. 

Why in the world would we not do things every single day that make us happy?! I love love love to spend time with derek and ryker, I especially love to show and teach ryker new things. So, of course, we are going to plan activities and trips and whatever else so we can fulfill this happiness. We love to spend time with friends and family as well. While it may not always be the easiest things to make time when everyone is busy, that is why we still do it, because we love one another.

A lot of people will say ‘I hate my job’ or ‘I hate school” and while that may be true, what are you doing to make it better? For instance, you may be working because it is going to lead to something different, keep that in mind. Things may not always be the way you want them to be. That is why we need to remember why we are doing it. What do we want out of it and how will this impact our future? I picked out some of my favorite quotes that help me keep things in perspective. Remember what and who you love and start filling your life with those things.





Ashley Lindquist



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