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My 22nd Birthday & Outfit Details

This last year has flown by! It’s hard to believe that one year ago today I was just about to go into labor. I wanted to do nothing but lay on the coach and eat ice cream even though it was my 21st birthday. Honestly that’s all I wanted to do this year for my 22nd birthday. BUT I didn’t quite do that this year and forced myself to go do things! Despite how tired I was from Rykers most recent transition: going from two naps to one nap. Oh my it’s been tough! Either getting to much sleep and waking for hours in the night or taking one nap and being so grumpy from 4 pm to bed time. Regardless, I had a relaxing day followed by a fun evening and got to bed by midnight (almost).

I’ve had a weird obsession with donuts lately and really wanted them Saturday morning. Well we celebrated my sis in laws 21st the night before so by the time we were up and around that morning all the donuts were sold out at Daylight Donuts! I settled for the next best thing: beer cheese. Derek took me out to lunch at Radius which is a trendy brewery in our hometown! In the afternoon we went to my younger brothers musical The Adams Family! Ryker had a ball watching everyone on stage and then playing outside in the warmish weather. That night I opened some gifts from my lovely parents, one of them including two tickets to T-Swift in September!! Then once Ryker was asleep we went and got dinner with our friends! Dollar Bahama Mamas hollaaaaaa. Afterwards, we went over to their new house and played some games and celebrated!

I wore a new dress that I’m so obsessed with! Plus I got it on sale. We really like to shop online at Macy’s because they have crazy good deals! Especially for Free People clothing which I love but let’s be honest, most of the time it’s over priced. I pride myself on the clothing deals I’m able to snatch up!

Next up is Ryker’s first birthday party!! I am SO pumped and will be spending the week party planning and giving him everything he wants 😉




You can check out the dress I am wearing HERE.

You can look at similar dresses HERE, HERE, and HERE.




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