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Making Tough Decisions // Living with Regret

Ever been faced with a tough decision? Like most people, you probably have. Whether or not you made the right decision may not matter anymore BUT you can start practicing strategies to start making the best decisions right now.

In a world that provides any service big or small we are faced with choices every single day…whether it’s what we are having for lunch or whether or not you should continue dating someone!

Becoming a parent I’ve had to make some especially tough decisions and the best thing I can do is just pick the one that sounds easiest right?? WRONG. There are tons of ways you could make a decision sound right or wrong, depending on how you justify it. The following tips are how I’ve been trying to base my decision making on….and yes, even when it comes to dinner…it’s a big decision people.

Regret: Always ask yourself, will I regret this tomorrow? Next month? Next year? Of course you never want to make a decision you’ll regret so think about how the decision will make you feel later.

Happiness: How can you make a decision that will make the most people happy (and yourself of course). Not that we want to live always pleasing others but it’s important to try consider other people’s happiness over your own.

Pros/Cons: When in doubt, write it out! I love to make pros/cons list to help make decisions and go with the one that has the most pros and least cons. You should also always make the pro/con list on your own. Certain pros or cons may be different for everyone.

YOU: When it comes down to it, you are the only person truly looking out for yourself. After all, you DO know yourself best. Dig deep…what makes you genuinely happy. Life is way to short to make decisions that are not in YOUR best interest. So no matter if all your friends are doing something or your family disagrees, do what makes you happiest!

Let me know in the comments or on other social media what helps YOU make decisions? I’d love to have more strategies!




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