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Easter Activities for Everyone

Easter is coming up!! It is such a fun and meaningful Holiday and I think some of the traditions that have came about our so fun for not just kids but the adults too! Below you’ll find super fun easter activities for EVERYONE!

My family always makes easter baskets and when we were little my brother would hide all the eggs for me and my younger bro to find! Now that I am a part of another family AND have my own, the Holidays consist of a lot more! We have a huge family get together on Easter Sunday planned and Derek and I are looking forward to doing some low key activities with Ryker especially now that he will be almost 14 months old!

First up on the list…..

EGG DECORATING: This one is obvious and tradition a lot of people have. Get together with friends or family and make it a competition! Winner gets a chocolate bunny or gets to keep the eggs! Be original and get this 24 Karat Easter Egg Coloring Kit.


EASTER RUN:  As some of you may know we were scheduled to run a 10k this past February BUT it was rescheduled to a date we could not attend. So we transferred our race to an the 2018 Easter Egg 5k. Can’t say I am super relieved we are doing a 5k now instead of a 10k. Plus I am praying for warm weather so we can wear our best easter workout outfits 😉 Here is a link to the event if you are thinking of doing a race but want to start small and have fun!! They have a Lil Bunny Fun Run for kiddos as well.


ADULT EGG HUNT: Adult egg hunts are a thing?! Apparently they are! KC Wine Co. is having an official adult egg huntwhere there will be adult drinks, games, wine, slushys, and a Taco Food Truck. This event is March 24th but if you can’t attend host your own adult egg hunt with your best girl/guy friends! It’s super cheesy I know but how fun would it be to exchange eggs filled with mini lipsticks or dollar bills. download-4.jpg

BOOZY BRUNCH: Another one for the adults. Honestly, mimosas for any brunch is a good idea…unless you are a parent I guess but Holidays are a time to let loose a little bit. Go out to brunch as a fun restaurant or stay in a make these ADORABLE pancakes below for yourself or your family and let the adults sip some mimosas. As for me, I will probably just drink my orange juice out of a champagne glass because winenot. I think I am going to make these the Saturday before Easter!


EASTER COOKIES: Decorated sugar cookies are pretty much staple for every holiday in my house so of course we will be doing it! Get some fun easter cut out or just use circular cups from the cabinet! Decorate your cookies using pastels and you’ve got yourself a festive batch of cookies. 



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