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Spring is upon us and wedding season is here! I can almost taste the delicious wedding cake in my mouth and fresh glass of sparkling champagne. With my wedding coming up I have been discussing with a lot of family and friends about what to wear! I feel like each wedding has different vibes and as a bride I genuinely want people to wear what is comfortable but of course we all like the opportunity to get dressed up and celebrate a beautiful marriage. Below are some of my favorite dresses I have worn in the past and also some outfits that I envy and want in my closet ASAP I am allllll about the pastel colors this spring so my outfit choices are definitely skewed. I think that wearing pants or jumpsuits is so fun and I am so glad they are in style because let’s be real, getting down on the dance floor in a dress can get tricky 😉

First up are the outfits I have in my closet right now that I would wear to a wedding or as the bride!

These next outfits are ones I think would be adorable for any wedding related event. I am definitely going to snag a few, let me know which are your favorites!!! 🙂 Lulus has so many dresses for every occasion so you will see a lot of links to their clothing.





Let’s not forget about the shoes! A small heel can be super flattering there are some super cute flats I found.



Shein is another good website if you are on a budget!





For The Bride





How adorable is this little purse?! It is mostly for a phone but perfect for any bride of guest who doesn’t want to lug around a huge purse when at an event!




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