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My 22nd Birthday & Outfit Details

This last year has flown by! It's hard to believe that one year ago today I was just about to go into labor. I wanted to do nothing but lay on the coach and eat ice cream even though it was my 21st birthday. Honestly that's all I wanted to do this year for my… Continue reading My 22nd Birthday & Outfit Details

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How To Get Through The Winter Slump

Before we get started, I don't mean for this post to be negative whatsoever! Maybe you feel completely opposite than I do and you are still in the "new year, new me" mind set ready to kick ass! BUT I've been riding the struggle bus over here! For my family and I this year is… Continue reading How To Get Through The Winter Slump

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Ahh Valentines Day... use to be one of my favorite holidays. So much romance, flowers, and chocolate. Just another excuse to go on a date and blow all your money on gifts, sorry men. Who am I kidding?! This is NOT who I am... at least not anymore. Since becoming a mother my expectations and… Continue reading V-DAY DATE IDEAS FOR THE EASYGOING COUPLES

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7 Steps To An Organized Lifestyle

I love planners, lists, dates, highlighters, and anything that can help keep my crazy life organized. Whether you are about to start another semester of college, high school, a new job, a new fitness routine, or just want to get your life organized. KEEP READING! Step 1: You NEED a planner. It is so important… Continue reading 7 Steps To An Organized Lifestyle

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DISNEY LAND – Why it’s the happiest place on earth

WE WENT TO THE HAPPIEST PLACE ON EARTH! Disney land was nothing less than what I expected. The decoration, characters, food, and rides were amazing and it truly was a memory I will never forget. We went for two days and did two different parks- Disney Land and California Adventure. I felt like I was… Continue reading DISNEY LAND – Why it’s the happiest place on earth

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Gingerbread House War

Derek and I got WILD this past Friday night.... hahahahaha let's face it instead of binge watching a series on Netflix after Ryker went to bed we decided to have a Gingerbread House contest. But instead of buying the traditional gingerbread house kits, we got creative and made our own! We used sugar cookie dough… Continue reading Gingerbread House War

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That One Time I Gave Birth

One of the CRAZIEST days of my life was the day I gave birth to Ryker Austin Hartig. It is actually really hard to describe because words do not even do it justice! I will just start from the very beginning... Early Sunday morning I woke up at 4 am with major cramping. I felt… Continue reading That One Time I Gave Birth

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Trick or Treat

Our Halloween I have dreamed about dressing my kids up for halloween and doing family themed costumes! Well, that time has come!! After changing our costumes a billion times here is what we decided on! I want to make every single holiday special since they are all of Ryker's firsts and this is what life… Continue reading Trick or Treat